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Bella Ve Skin Care Testimonials

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Mary's a master to detail. And when it comes to her all natural skin care product line, she’s not left a single thing behind! In my opinion, these are top quality professional grade products at drugstore prices! The benefits your skin receives from all the nourishing ingredients are the same you would expect from a quality spa or skin care center. I love this simple and so easy to use line. Mary’s created a small, uncomplicated product line that's suitable for all skin types. And in a few short weeks of using these awesome products you'll notice a remarkable difference in your skins texture and firmness! I highly encourage everyone try these wonderful products, so you too can begin to see the many benefits of this quality skin care line.

Vicki Mims – 34 yrs. Licensed Cosmetologist – Bellevue, WA


I highly recommend Bella’ Ve skin care for anyone who wants to improve their skin naturally. I’ve been using Mary’s skin care line for three years, as has my husband. I’ve tried other products, but always come back to these anti-aging wonders. My skin is beautiful when using this line. My husband even uses one of the face cleanser for a body wash! I've used some of the products for acute acne break outs and seen immediate results. Mary is very detailed in her work with her natural anti-oxidant skin care products. I have no hesitation recommending Bella Ve’ for all your skin care needs.

Dr. Dawn Keith-Madeiros – Oak Harbor, WA


Thirty years practicing in the health and beauty industry I have expanded my experience of different rejuvenating modalities and skin care products for youthful aging. We are approaching a new age of cosmetics and skin care remedies for maintaining radiant skin and overall health benefits. Natural products like Bella Vé feed the skin from the outside in, giving you not only the appearance of radiant skin, but the nutrients gracefully change what is happening within the skin. I am a Baby Boomer who intends to age naturally and gracefully.

Christina Lorraine, Aesthetician - Bellingham, WA


I'm pregnant and want to share my story with other women; especially mother's to be. I’ve worked for several years as a medical and dermatology nurse. I was using what I thought were the best skin care products to help keep my skin looking young. Until I found out that some of the products I was using were not natural products and I feared they were being absorbed into my system. A friend told me about Mary's natural line and she loved how it worked and it was so light feeling on her skin. I immediately began using Bella Ve’ skin care products and my skin has never looked or felt better. And now that I’m expecting I won’t have to worry about the effects that chemicals might have on my baby’s development. I’ll continue to use Bella Ve’ products forever! They cost less and go further than other products and have kept my skin clear and much more youthful. But most of all, I feel so comfortable knowing that what I’m putting on my skin is good for me, inside and out! I highly recommend everyone try Bella Ve' products. You’ll be glad you did!

Melissa Wedekind, LPN/LVN – Fresno, California


I absolutely love Bella Ve' skin care products! Using them on a regular basis has made such a difference in the way my skin looks and feels. As I’ve aged, my skin has become more dry and sensitive and Mary’s natural products have reversed these issues without any allergic reaction. The anti-oxidant ingredients add the proper nutrients to my dry and depleted skin. I must say, the wonderful smell of these natural products is another added plus and I wouldn't go anywhere without having my Bella Ve' skin care products with me! Thanks Mary!

Cindy McManigle, CMA - Anacortes, WA


For the past several years, I’ve tried product after product ending up with the same results. Either no visible difference, or serious rashes from over the counter products that ended up costing me even more in doctor bills. I was referred to Mary Tacia and consulted with her about her all natural skin care products. Because of my very sensitive and allergic skin, I was somewhat skeptical. But almost immediately, my wrinkles were softening, fine lines diminished, and my overall skin tone was so healthy looking. My skin is so much smoother and moisturized. I can use her natural line on a daily basis and never worry about any allergic reactions. Her products are great. It has been almost a year since I have been seeing Mary as my skin care specialist and I thank her every day for introducing me to her products. I feel without it, I would still be struggling with my skin. I love hearing the comments about how young I look, and I owe it all to Mary! I tell all my friends about Bella Vé skin care products and recommend it to everyone. I look forward to seeing Mary on a regular basis for all my skin needs and to show off my new-found skin. Mary enjoys her work and it shows in the way she treats her clients. She is the best!

Jackielynn Larsen – Oak Harbor, WA


It's not hard for me to comment on the most pleasing aspects of my experience with Bella Ve’—the fresh skin results from using Mary’s products and Mary’s professional approach in all of her skin consultations and application. She will take great care in recommending what is right for you and the health of your skin.

Nora O’Connell-Balda - Oak Harbor, WA


I've tried as many different skincare products as anyone I know. My skin is fairly sensitive, and at times very irritated. Bella Ve’ products are wonderful, natural, long lasting, and lovely in the way they smell and feel; well priced too. I truly appreciate how Mary has educated me about good skin health. This helps me to look and feel my very best at all times. She takes great pride in her natural products and makes me and my friends FEEL so good, whatever skin we're in. I feel Bella Ve’ anti-aging products are the highest quality skin care naturals around. Give them a try, guaranteed you’ll fall in love!

Patsy Hammerstrom. RN – Anacortes, WA


I would highly recommend Mary Tacia for anyone who wants to look and feel their very best, naturally. And highly recommend her skincare products. What a healthy difference. My skin glows. I really appreciate Mary's holistic approach to a beautiful skin experience and her attention to detail. Thank you so much for helping me take better care of myself.

LaLani Anderson, RN - Oak Harbor, WA

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